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Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth… If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth – Masman Peter Minshall, quoting Ghandi, assesses hunger striker and Highway Reroute martyr Wayne Kublalsingh as an extraordinary man – from the YouTube video “Peter Minshall on Dr Wayne Kublalsingh



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Every now and then, I stumble on a film that’s so very bad it gets good again, along the lines of Ed Wood’s Plan Nine from Outer Space, a recent example being Glitter, Mariah Carey’s ridiculous and unintentionally hilarious self-indulgence, which I actually was able to recommend in my BC on TV Sunday Arts Supplement feature – but as an unintentional comedy, not as a biography. Quite by accident, today, because modern operating systems sometimes open anything on your computer your cursor hovers over without your clicking on it, I opened a Netflix film called, God’s Not Dead. This is not a film that’s so bad it gets good again; this is just a really bad film; made all the worse by its devout earnestness.

Cardboard caricatures of clichéd characters – the Muslim man forcing his daughter to wear a veil, the African missionary

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One of the unpleasant surprises about Barbados for me, especially coming from Fondes Amandes, St Anns, as I do, was what passes for soil here. Viewed from a taxi coming from the airport, the freshly ploughed cane fields look black and rich; viewed from the top end of a garden fork, though, the picture changes. The first time I stuck a garden fork in it, six years ago, and, St Anns/former cocoa estate style, yanked the fork back, the wooden handle snapped off and the steel tines of the fork itself remained unmoved: the Bajan “soil” had it in its death grip. It’s like rock.

Unless it gets a little wet. Then it turns into, not mud, but something like super-sticky

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A trip to Trinidad, for me, begins and ends with Chinese food, the cuisine of happiness of my childhood: Happy Chinese Food Sunday meant my parents weren’t arguing and we had enough money not to be literally hand-to-mouth. (My father made some money in his life but there was a period of about three years or more, from when I was about ten, when the UN would have classified us as living below the poverty line; I certainly didn’t have a US dollar a day; I got 25 TT cents every three days; during the school week.)

In Barbados, the Chinese food largely sucks, as compared with the Trini version, so the first and last places I go to eat are the same: Sunday Kitchen, the takeaway

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The whole world watched in shock and horror as Brasil collapsed against Germany in the World Cup in July but only the Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel cricket team was actually inspired by it. Could there have been a bigger waste of anyone’s time anywhere on the planet yesterday than watching the last five overs of

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Heard the stunning news last evening that Robin Williams is gone. Haven’t had the heart to check this morning whether it’s true that he went by his own hand. Amazing that a person one never met could touch one’s life so deeply. From Mork to the Fisher King, here was a gentle, if hirsute, soul. What a loss. And to think there are so many Isis/Islamic State wankers God could have taken instead.

Went to watch The Fisher King in his honour last night but my son rebelled at the thought of a possibly serious/depressing film on a night when

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